Our pre-owned pianos can be anything from just a few months to 100 years old. The more modern ones are thoroughly cleaned, checked and serviced, and while all worn parts are replaced, they have usually not had sufficient use to need a full restoration. They all leave us tuned to British Standard Pitch (A440) and with a long and comprehensive written guarantee.

Our stock of older instruments are more comprehensively overhauled and sometimes re-polished. They are often prestige makes with more traditional and elaborate veneers and case styles, though lower priced models are also available. Again, all have a full written guarantee.

In addition to the instruments on display in our showroom we often have stock in storage waiting to be prepared. These pianos are frequently reserved before being refurbished, so if you have a specific requirement please contact us to see if we can help.

Nationwide delivery can be easily arranged for any of our stock.

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