Craftsmanship through five generations

The piano is a complex musical instrument containing over 5000 parts, and the repair and restoration process is highly skilled. As with all craft-based industries, and perhaps especially with traditional skills like piano restoration which have changed so little over the years, there is no substitute for experience. So, with our fully equipped restoration workshop and our wealth of experience passed from craftsman to apprentice, we carry out all types of restoration and repairs from a broken hammer to a full mechanical rebuild. We take great pride in our work and are careful to ensure that all workshop work is of the highest quality. 
There are often situations where a modern piano isn't appropriate, either aesthetically or musically, and we find there is a growing demand for the sympathetic restoration of high quality older English and German pianos, both uprights and grands. Many of these pianos were extremely well made using excellent quality materials, and careful rebuilding enables them to give good service for decades to come. We take great care to retain the original playing characteristics of these pianos wherever possible, and combine the best quality replacement parts with our detailed knowledge and extensive experience, to restore these wonderful old instruments to their best playing condition, both for our customers and for our own stock. 
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