Old-fashioned service

Piano tuning is a highly skilled craft which involves adjusting the tension of each string to compensate for the gradual effect that atmospheric changes and playing have on the piano. The frequency of tuning varies according to the individual piano and the environment that it is kept in. As a general rule in a domestic situation, an older piano could need tuning twice a year, especially if the temperature and humidity vary widely in the room, whereas for a more modern piano annual tuning will often be sufficient. For teachers and pianos in educational situations more frequent visits may be needed, and we can advise on what would best suit your circumstances, and call on either a regular contract basis, or as and when required.  
We tune in homes, schools and concert halls, and our tuning is all carried out in the traditional way, by ear, without the use of electronics, employing skills passed on from craftsman to apprentice over a long training period. We pride ourselves on the quality of our tuning and our punctuality with appointments, and we still work for a number of families who have used White and Sentance's tuning service for two or three generations!  
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