New Uprights & Grands

We stock a wide range of brand new uprights and grands to suit all abilities, tastes, and budgets. Most are available in a range of veneers, both lacquered and traditional satin finishes.

Customers researching new pianos can find a bewildering assortment of brands available, many of which sound like established European makers but are in fact mass-produced Asian pianos taking the names of now closed English and German factories. These pianos can often be overpriced and poor quality, and certainly bear no comparison to the standards of the original makers names they are now using.

We select all our new stock from a technician's and musician's point of view, ensuring that the new pianos we offer are the best value for money on the market and will give generations of trouble-free use. We have built up strong relationships with our suppliers over many years and know that we can rely on their prompt service in the unlikely event of a problem, and that all our new pianos are well made using quality materials and are built to last for many decades.

All our new pianos carry at least a 5 year guarantee, and we can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK.

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Reid Sohn RS043

K Kawai GL-10

Kawai K-500

Kawai K-300

Reid Sohn SIG50

Kawai K-200

Kawai K-15

K Kawai GL-30

Reid Sohn RS112RI Available to order

Regent HU118 SOLD

K Kawai GL-10 Chrome. Available to order

Reid Sohn RS115

Regent HU110 Available to order

Reid Sohn SIG48 SOLD

Reid Sohn 112 RI Available to order