During the last year and as a result of Covid it’s been widely publicised that many people have decided to take up a musical instrument, some for the first time and others as “returners” after learning when younger. There are many reasons for this including having a little more time due to working from home and not commuting, finally deciding to fulfil a long-standing ambition, and having a little more money due to not being able to take expensive holidays! However, those who would like to play piano have the difficulty of not being able to visit a dealer at the moment to discuss which would be the most suitable piano for them and to try the stock.

With this in mind we have adapted our monthly piano rental scheme to make it more flexible and suitable for this situation. Without the need for you to visit our showroom we can now offer:

  • 6 months fixed term rental
  • Prices starting at £40 per month + delivery, paid in advance
  • The piano will arrive fully tuned and complete with a stool

At the end of the 6 month term you can choose to:

  • Purchase the rented piano with all of the rental payment forming a discount from the price
  • Purchase a different piano from us after visiting the showroom and still have full rental discount
  • End the agreement, we collect the piano and you owe nothing

The advantages are:

  • If the tone (or the colour) of the rented piano isn’t ideal for you, it’s only for 6 months
  • The option to choose your “forever” piano once you can visit our showroom later in the year
  • As long as you make a purchase at the end of the rental you only lose the delivery charge
  • If playing piano isn’t for you after all, you’ve at least had a good quality instrument to try

Please also note:

  • This scheme is only available for a limited period
  • A Hire Agreement will require your signature on delivery
  • Delivery prices (ground floor only) will vary according to distance - please ask for a quote
  • The piano must be placed away from direct heat - if you have underfloor heating please tell us
  • The care of the piano is your responsibility and so the piano must be covered for it’s full value against accidental damage on your home insurance
  • If any mechanical faults develop during the rental we will correct them free of charge, but extra tuning, if required, will be charged at our usual price

Please contact us with your address for a delivery quote and to find out which pianos are available