If a member of the family wants to start playing the piano, it is important for them to have a good quality reliable piano in the home to practice on. If no one else in the family plays, it can be difficult to justify the cost of purchasing a good instrument initially, until some ability has been shown and commitment given. However, a cheap, old, unrestored piano will almost certainly have faults which will discourage the player, and an electronic keyboard will have a different touch to the teacher's piano, which will slow progress and encourage bad playing habits. In the long run, both of these options will use up money which could have been put towards a quality piano that will last for years. 
This is where our monthly piano rental scheme is the ideal solution. We offer a selection of modern used uprights to rent on a monthly basis, with prices starting from £40 per month. The minimum rental period is 3 months, with no maximum. We ask for the initial 3 months rent in advance, plus a small delivery charge, with subsequent monthly payments by Standing Order, but usually there is no deposit to pay. If you decide to buy from us later, we offer a generous discount to customers who have used the rental scheme, and exchange the pianos free of charge. 
Please note that this scheme is only available within our normal tuning area (usually 30-40 miles radius from our showroom). 
For more details and written terms and conditions please contact us click here